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ASSOCIATE BROKER (24 years experience)

A 24-year real estate professional with an unparalleled command of the Phoenix Valley market, Claudia Artz brings passion, heart, and drive to The Phoenix Metro and Suburban areas

For Claudia, real estate is more than just sales; it’s an opportunity to build lasting relationships with her clients. Claudia believes that customer service is everything. She prides herself on her extensive market knowledge and proactive approach, always seeking out new information to ensure her clients have made the best decision in choosing her as their real estate professional. Claudia has a keen sense of the market behavior

Claudia began her real estate career in 1999; she became a buyers and sellers agent and has since gone on to represent a diverse and distinguished clientele across the Valley. Claudia met several individuals seeking the opportunity of homeownership and realized her passion for helping families achieve the American Dream was the right fit and never looked back. In her first year of business, she acquired the prestigious award of Rookie of the Year! Throughout her career, she has worked in short sales, guiding buyers to navigate through very challenging times and negotiating with banks to release Homeowners from any more stress and debt. Her experience with Bank Owned properties gave her the experience to knock on doors and give buyers options, inspect properties to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairs to rehabilitate, ultimately provide a broker price opinion and act as an eye for the banks. Claudia can look at real estate from every angle and accurately assess the value of any transaction. Committed to excellence, Claudia is always striving to grow and evolve as an agent, viewing each new listing as an opportunity to expand her knowledge and better serve her clients. she stays up to date on statistics. The Cromford report guides her, which provides detailed information to track the history and current status of the Greater Phoenix Residential resale market and offers unique insight into its future direction.

She enjoys building extraordinary relationships with her colleagues and everyone involved in delivering client results.

Claudia grew up in southeast Arizona in the city of Douglas, where she graduated from High School and Cochise College, where she studied Business; later, she attended the University of Arizona. When she’s not representing buyers and sellers in real estate, Claudia cherishes time with her family and friends, enjoys travel, opera, reading, gardening, cooking, dancing, tequila and mariachi time, visiting her favorite restaurants, pickleball, entertaining, and taking the time to try new and exciting things. Claudia has a kind heart, and most clients become her friends. She values her client’s trust and considers it her highest honor.


Claudia Artz